Al Sharq Strategic Research

Al Sharq Strategic Research Nahed Nakib

I played a pivotal role in enhancing Al Sharq Strategic Research’s website as a web developer, focusing on optimizing functionality and improving user experience. Key achievements include enhancing the user interface, improving search functionality, and integrating new research updates in a timely manner. The website serves as a valuable resource for accessing research papers, staying updated on events, and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue, ultimately advancing social justice initiatives.

Al Sharq Strategic Research
Nahed Nakib

Project Overview:

Al Sharq Strategic Research, a leading think tank promoting democratic participation and social justice, entrusted me to enhance their website as a web developer. I optimized its functionality, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility. Key achievements include improving user interface, enhancing search functionality, and integrating new research updates.

Al Sharq Strategic Research
Nahed Nakib


Enhanced user interface for improved accessibility and usability.
Improved search functionality for easy access to research materials.
Timely integration of new research findings into the website.
Collaborated with the research team to ensure accurate representation of research initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Research Repository: Access valuable research papers and publications.
  • Event Calendar: Stay updated on upcoming conferences and seminars.
  • News and Updates: Latest developments and research findings.
  • Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue: Platform for discussions and collaboration.
  • Resources for Civic Engagement: Tools for informed decision-making and advocacy.

“I’ve added screenshots of the website for your reference, but for a closer look, feel free to browse the website by clicking on the button below.”

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