Elevastra Nahed Nankib

I spearheaded the development of Elevastra’s website, a digital marketing and brokering agency dedicated to empowering businesses in the online realm. Leveraging my expertise in web development, I designed and built a user-friendly platform from scratch using WordPress. This involved implementing custom features, optimizing performance, and ensuring seamless navigation. Noteworthy achievements include enhancing the website’s visual appeal, improving user engagement, and aligning it with Elevastra’s brand identity and objectives. Elevastra’s website serves as a robust showcase of the agency’s services, fostering client engagement and bolstering its presence in the digital landscape.

Project Overview:

Elevastra is a dynamic digital marketing and brokering agency dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the digital landscape. With a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face online, Elevastra offers expert services to connect businesses with the right opportunities and maximize their digital presence.

As the sole developer for Elevastra’s website, I built the entire platform from scratch using WordPress. Leveraging my expertise in web development, I designed and developed a modern, user-friendly website that effectively showcases Elevastra’s services and expertise. This involved creating custom layouts, integrating essential features, and optimizing the website for performance and SEO.


Designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website to enhance the online presence of Elevastra.
Implemented custom layouts and features tailored to Elevastra’s specific needs, improving user engagement and navigation.
Optimized the website for performance and search engine visibility, resulting in increased organic traffic and lead generation.
Collaborated closely with Elevastra’s team to ensure the website aligned with the agency’s brand identity and objectives.

Key Features:

  • Services Showcase: Highlighting Elevastra’s digital marketing and brokering services to potential clients.
  • Portfolio Showcase: Showcasing successful projects and collaborations with past clients to demonstrate expertise and credibility.
  • Blog Section: Providing valuable insights, tips, and industry updates to engage and educate visitors.
  • Contact Form: Facilitating easy communication for potential clients interested in Elevastra’s services.

“I’ve added screenshots of the website for your reference, but for a closer look, feel free to browse the website by clicking on the button below.”

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