Insanca Yardim Vakifi

Insanca Yardim Vakifi Nahed Nakib

As a member of Insanca Yardim Vakifi team, I provide web development support for the current website while spearheading the creation of a new website from scratch. Our goal is to develop a user-friendly platform that effectively communicates İnsanca mission of improving the lives of individuals, including refugees, and enhancing the well-being of host communities. Through collaborative efforts and a community-focused approach, we aim to amplify İnsanca impact and reach by providing seamless support and resources to beneficiaries. With innovative solutions and a mission-driven approach, we strive to ensure that the new website reflects İnsanca values and goals while addressing the diverse needs of its beneficiaries.

Insanca Yardim Vakifi
Nahed Nakib

Project Overview:

İnsanca is a non-profit, Turkey-based non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of all individuals, including refugees. Established with a mission to enhance the well-being of both refugees and host communities, İnsanca strives to make a meaningful difference through its impactful programs and initiatives. As a member of İnsanca’s team, I provide web development support for the current website, addressing issues, optimizing performance, and implementing new features as needed. Concurrently, I am also spearheading the creation of a new website from scratch. This involves designing and developing a user-friendly interface, implementing features to support İnsanca’s mission, and ensuring seamless functionality across different devices. By enhancing İnsanca’s online presence, we aim to amplify the organization’s impact and reach.

Insanca Yardim Vakifi
Nahed Nakib

Project Goals:

To develop and launch a new version of İnsanca’s website that effectively communicates the organization’s mission and impact.
To provide seamless support and resources through the website, facilitating access to essential information and services for beneficiaries.
To collaborate with the İnsanca team in ensuring that the new website meets the organization’s needs and reflects its values and goals.

Key Features:

Collaborative Efforts: Working closely with the İnsanca team, I am leading the development of the new website, focusing on user-centric design and functionality.
Mission-driven Initiatives: İnsanca’s programs are designed to address the diverse needs of refugees and host communities, promoting inclusivity and empowerment.
Community-focused Approach: İnsanca’s initiatives aim to foster unity and solidarity while addressing individual needs, contributing to the well-being of beneficiaries.
Innovative Solutions: Leveraging my expertise in web development, I am implementing innovative approaches to enhance the effectiveness and impact of İnsanca’s online presence.

“I’ve added screenshots of the website for your reference, but for a closer look, feel free to browse the website by clicking on the button below.”

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